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Once your package has been received by one of our eZHubs, you will be able
to track your package and see whether your package is:

  • In transit (On its way to you)
  • At destination (Clearing customs)
  • Out for Delivery

There are four ways that you can track your package:

(1) Download the eZone App and login to your account by entering your account number, which is
the three letter destination code with a 3 to 7 digit number in the “account
number” field (e.g. CUR33333) then enter your chosen password.

(2) Login to your eZone account through this website

(3) Enter your eZone tracking number (house airway bill) found in your
confirmation email.

(4) Enter the tracking information from FedEx, USPS, UPS, received on advice
of the shipment of your package.

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