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eZ rewards program

eZ rewards program

logo_ezrewardsIt’s simple, you ship – we reward you (yes, we do like you that much!)

Upon signing up with eZone you are automatically enrolled in our eZ rewards program. Points are earned on each delivered shipment meaning the more you ship, the more eZrewards points you get.

eZ rewards points can be converted into eZone shipping vouchers which can be applied to your future shipments. Your eZ rewards points are also redeemable for a variety of quality items from digital cameras to the latest Michael Kors handbag because at eZone we believe that someone as great as you should be rewarded!

To view your eZ rewards program points simply login to your eZ rewards account by entering your account number (e.g. CUR3333) then enter your chosen password. Points are updated weekly and can be earned in the following ways:

Airway Bill – 3 points
Packages over 10 lbs – BONUS 2 point

Redeeming your eZ rewards program points: Please keep in mind that when placing your eZ rewards redemption order you will still be responsible for all standard inbound fees: freight, insurance, duties, taxes, etc. levied on the item ordered. You will receive an email notication confirming your order and indicating you should receive your item in 3-6 weeks.

*It is important that all customers have a personal email address on file. This is required for participation the eZrewards program and for notication of shipment status. If you do not have a personal email address, please contact us at and we will be happy to help you create one.

*eZone and eZ rewards passwords should be kept the same.

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