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Our eZone App – Everything You Need To Know!

Our eZone App – Everything You Need To Know!

So, you have already signed up for your eZone account at, received your THREE international shipping addresses, and shipped all of your favourite items to our eZ Hub?! Sounds like you are a pro at this whole shopping thing. 😉

Now, if you are anything like us, the first thing that you want to do when you have shipped your items, is track your package. But who has time to sit around a computer all day clicking that refresh button to see if your item has shipped or not?! With our eZone App, you can now track your packages on the go! 🙌🏾  You will also receive live package updates, so even if you haven’t checked the app yourself, you will be notified when your package is on its way to you and when it has reached your local eZone store.

It’s like your personal package assistant!

To make it even better, you can also create your eZ Elite shipments right with just a few clicks. Which means, the sooner you upload your invoice, the sooner you can collect your package.
… and speaking of collecting your package, you can also schedule when you are going to collect your packages! 🙊

No more standing up in long lines, no more waiting for your package to be sourced – schedule, pick up, and GO! Talk about convenient.

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t already done so, download our eZone App today from the Google Play Store or the App Store today!

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App Store

Want to shop and ship with eZone but do not have an eZone account? That’s an eZ fix – click here to sign up for an eZone account and get shopping.

If you have any questions, feel free to message us on Facebook or give your local eZone agents a call!