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eZone – Now Shipping From Amsterdam!

eZone – Now Shipping From Amsterdam!

Nos ta bai e pais, konosí pa klòmp i keshi delisioso! 

Eksaktamente eZoner,! Nos tin, 4 buelo pa siman, for di Hulanda pa Karibe. 

Usa bo “eZone-account” pa kumpra na bo tiendanan hulandes faborito

Kumpra  artíkulo di kalidat pa bo òf  laga famia i amigu manda regalo i suovenir  for di Amsterdam pa bo.

Risibí un pakete na kas awor ta “eZ-ier”! Nos ta entregá te na kas. 

Amsterdam ta djis un “klek” i ta bai asinaki; 

  1. Registrá na  eZone i risibí bo eZone adrès personal den Amsterdam.
  2. Kumpra “online” na bo tiendanan hulandes faborito. 
  3. Manda bo pakete na bo eZone adrès den Amsterdam-
  4. Nos ta entregá bo artíkulonan te na kas!

Bo ker kuminsá  hasi uso di nos punto sentral den Amsterdam, pero bo no tin creditcard?

Ku nos servisio “eZ Shopper” bo por kumpra  “online” i paga kèsh serka bo establesimentunan den bo bisendario. Servisio ekselente di eZ, nos representanten tei pa duna servisio.

Lesa mas akí;  eZone ta sigui habri frontera i konektá Abo ku mundu, awor ku Amsterdam!

Registrá awe mes, kumpra i manda artíkulo Karibe pa medio di e sistema di eZone. 

Tuma kontakto ku bo agensia lokal di eZone.

Adres di eZone den Amsterdam  
BBV Logistics Support
Fokkerweg 300, gebouw 7A
1438 AN Oude Meer
The Netherlands



eZone Amsterdam Rates 







We are heading to the land that brought us clogs and really awesome cheese!

That’s right eZoners, we are officially shipping from The Netherlands to the Caribbean with 4 flights per week! 

Use your eZone account to shop online at your favourite Dutch stores! Buy great things for yourself or have your family and friends send awesome gifts and mementos to you from Amsterdam.

Because getting a small piece of home is now eZ-ier! 
We will then have your packages delivered to YOU.

Amsterdam is only one click away and here’s how: 

  1. Sign up with eZone & get your own personal Amsterdam address.
  2. Shop online at your favourite Dutch stores.
  3. Send you package to your eZone Amsterdam address.
  4. We will then deliver your items to you!

Want to start shipping to our Amsterdam hub but don’t have a credit card?

With our eZ Shopper feature you can shop online and pay with cash at your local branch – it’s super eZ, our agents will be there to help. Find out more here.

eZone continues to open up borders and connect you to the world, and now Amsterdam!

Sign up today and shop & ship to the Caribbean the eZone way.

Contact your local eZone agent today!

eZone Amsterdam Address 
BBV Logistics Support
Fokkerweg 300, gebouw 7A
1438 AN Oude Meer
The Netherlands
eZone Amsterdam Rates – Please note that these rates are based on Chargeable weight (which is the greater of actual or dimensional)